The Origins of Maynooth

By on August 15, 2013
Manooth, Ontario in 1907


Maynooth began as a community called Doyle’s corners around 1861. It primarily consisted of four stores and a school. Later there were three other name proposals submitted to the Land Registry office:  Tara and then Oxenden. These names already existed in Ontario and were rejected. The third name to be submitted was Maynooth. This name was accepted and registered in 1871.

This is a picture of the hamlet in 1907. Of course, compared to today, the streets are relatively baron. The picture depicts only a few houses, sheds, and the Anglican church. If you have any further information on this picture, the history of Maynooth, or more pictures, please leave a comment or contact, and we will be glad to post more and give you the full rights and acknowledgements.


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