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By on September 15, 2013

There are several ways promote your website. Start with the submission of your URL to Google and Yahoo. You can go to the major search engines and key in the words “submit my site to Google or free site submission.” The process is extremely straight forward after that. You just have to follow the steps they provide.

After a few days, and once the search engines notice your site’s existence, you will get indexed. This simply means that your site is flowing through the servers or computers of the major search engines. Actually this is a safe way of doing things, but not entirely necessary. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines, all have advanced technology using a system called spidering in which they’re consistently and aggressively searching the web for new websites and content. In light of this, without even attempting to do so you will get indexed. That simply means that your site is flowing through the servers or computers of the major search engines. This might take some time, however. Give it a few days.

Getting indexed is one thing but getting notice is another. This really depends on your page’s keywords and tags. Key words and tags are descriptors of what people might type in when trying to find a topic. In other words, what people will query. For example, if you are trying to find “dog collars” then that is what you would type into the search engine. If your keywords contain this description, then you site is more likely to appear. Most places you submit your site to will ask you for key words. In other words, your key words must be relevant to the content on your site. Make sure you put some thought into the concept of “what would you key into the search engines if you were the one looking for your site.”

Here, are a few more basic tips on how to get noticed on the web:

Social Networks and Classified Ads

• Share your website with your relatives, friends and your community of interest by using social networking sites. These include facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. It will help you get ranked higher in the search engines and thus direct drive traffic to your site. Other people can also create a link by bookmarking your page, and it will generate awareness. If you have any of these accounts, it will help to post your sites name and URL on these.

• Join Discussion forums, social community, discussion boards, etc. Write about your products or services in a descent, honest way. At the end of the discussion, you can plug into your signature and the URL of your website. People may visit your site and bookmark your page.

• Submit in your blogs or website to free classified ads. There are many of them on the web and to my understanding, it really doesn’t matter which one you submit them to just as long as you get them listed. You can do a Google or Yahoo search for free classified ads and keep clicking on whatever appears. Sometimes you have to join, but they are usually free. Just be sure you can add your actual URL to these –

• Once you have done these steps, and your site has reached some popularity, it is time to start thinking about a concept called back linking. This and generating revenue from your site will be two topics discussed in our upcoming blogs.

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