Hotel Rex in Seoul South Korea

By on September 18, 2013
Hotel Rex South Korea

The Hotel Rex is located in the downtown area of Seoul in close proximity to city hall and Seoul station. The hotel is one stop from Seoul station on the light blue line. Get off at Hoehyeon station and take exit one. Walk up the steps and turn right at the first block. There are actually 2 roads when you turn right that veer off in slightly different directions. One is tiny and the other one is a little larger. You want to take the larger one. Walk straight up the road for 3 to 5 minutes and you will see the Hotel Rex on the left hand side. It is an eight story building which is well marked. There is a high rise apartment building right beside it.

There are a couple of chicken takeouts close to the hotel. An Outback Steakhouse is about a block away. As usual, there are many variety stores (CUs’ or Family Marts) and several Korean restaurants. We couldn’t find a pizza place or other fast food outlets such as McDonald’s or Burger King. The hotel is quite close to Seoul Tower (N Seoul Tower) and Namdaemun Market. The characters around the hotel seemed a little odd but harmless.

The front desk staff members are friendly and very accommodating. In general, their English is fairly good. Initially, we were assigned a room on the eighth floor with a nice view of the city. When we got in the room, we discovered there was no wifi on that floor. They were very apologetic and offered us another room on the third floor.

Our first room on the eighth floor was small and clean. The usual hotel amenities were found there. There was a minimally stocked bar fridge with some water, cold coffee, beer, etc. Of course, there is a cost for each item which is a little bit more than it would be in a convenience store. There was a kettle, but I didn’t see any coffee or tea. There was soap. But, oddly enough, I didn’t see any shampoo. Each bathroom has a bathtub, Western toilet, and a blow dryer. The double bed, linens, and pillows were clean and nice. The bed was quite hard, however. There was a flat screen TV with cable, as well.

Our second room, on the third floor, was similar in content but much larger. It had three single beds of similar quality. Of course, the same amenities were found.

The cost of the room, during the off season, was about 70 USD. In general, the Hotel Rex is fairly well situated for sight seeing and transportation in Seoul. It is cost efficient and clean. I would certainly advise it to travelers in this area.

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