24h Apartment Hotel

By on March 30, 2014
24h apartment hotel

The 24h Apartment Hotel is located at 1406 Pablo Ocampo Street just on the outskirts of Makati City in the Philippines. Makati city is located in Metro Manila. If you coming from the airport, you are probably best to tell the driver that you want to go to the Vito Cruz Extension in Makati city and narrow down the address from there. The complete address and other details are as follows:

1406 Paolo Ocampo Street (Vito Cruz Ext.), corner of Baiagtas Street and Brgy La Paz, Makati City, Philippines.

Telephone: (02) 899-2424

Fax: (02) 890-9916

Globe mobile: (0917) 576-5158

Smart mobile: (0908) 898-0794

Sun mobile: (0922) 805-2424

Email: customercare@hotel24h.com.ph

Website: www.hotel24h.com.ph

I should also mention that if you are taking a cab from the airport, there are three  types of taxis that have different prices. The first, is the drivers and their associates that will approach you as soon as you get out of the terminal. They are aggressive and persistent. They will offer you a cab usually at an inflated price. Second, there are the orange cabs that are lined up in an orderly fashion. These cabs have meters and abide by some strict rules which are often posted on a sign in front of the taxi line. This type of taxi will cost you between 5 and 6 hundred pesos. The third type of taxi, is the white taxis which are metered as well, but they don’t abide by the strict rules that the orange cabs do. That doesn’t mean they won’t get you there, however. They cost between 2 and 3 hundred pesos depending on the traffic.

The 24h Apartment Hotel isn’t much to look at from the outside. It’s looks something like an old apartment building. The entrance, as with the rest of the hotel, was completely renovated a few years ago and is rather nice looking, however. The area surrounding the hotel appears to be an industrial area and is rather run down.  As one person put it: “somewhat slummy.”

There is a bellhop who is stationed outside the hotel 24/7 and will meet you with a smile and open the door for you whether you are coming or going. They will also ask you where you are going, give you directions, and flag a cab for you. The staff at the reception desk is extremely friendly and very accommodating. You will be charged a 500 peso key deposit upon check in. Once you have checked in, someone will carry your bags to your room, let you in the room, and turn on the television and air conditioner. One of the great things about the hotel is check out is exactly 24 hours after check in.

The rooms are clean and well laid out. There are two types of rooms available. There is the double room which is a standard hotel room and the 1 bedroom apartment which consists of a bedroom and kitchenette. The standard room is pretty basic. The one bedroom apartment has a fridge, cupboards, and a sink in the kitchen. There are no plates, utensils, and stove, however. I assume they would be made available to you with a slight fee. I asked to two extra pillow, and I had to pay an extra 20 pesos for each pillow. In light of this, I would assume this applies to anything extra. The rooms are a little dingy because of poorly placed lighting.

The hotel supplies basic amenities such as toilet paper, towels, shampoo, soap, and bottled water. I stayed for 4 days and the room was made up daily without having to ask. Each room is also equipped with a rather nice flat screen television and cable. There are adequate channels and most of them are in English. As far as I know, there is a queen size bed in each room that is made up to 5 star hotel standards. The beds are very comfortable and the linen is clean. There is also an air conditioner in each room that functions reasonably well. There is a pool on the seventh floor which seems to be well maintained. The rules for the pool, such as no shorts and t shirts, are printed on a pamphlet inside the room. The rooms show some signs of wear on some of the walls and especially in the bathrooms. There is a shower with hot water; although, the water does not get that hot.

You can book your room with or without breakfast. The breakfast is actually quite good. It is primary Filipino food which often comes close to an American breakfast. The restaurant is clean, somewhat modern, and offers a fairly complete menu. The service is excellent and the food is quite good. I did, however, find a hair in my food. When I pointed it out to the waiter, he was somewhat nonchalant about it.

There was a problem with the toilet in my room, and they sent someone up to fix it immediately. The staff is seemingly very prompt to deal with any requests.

There are several places to eat around the hotel. If you walk across the road and proceed strait ahead, there is a kabob place, a small variety store, and a little burger place. If you walk out the hotel doors, turn left, and head down the street, you will stumble across several eateries and bars. Walking for about 10 minutes or so will take you to an area called “Shop Wise.” Here you will find KFC, Shakeys, McDonalds, and a host of other fast food places.

In conclusion, the 24h Apartment Hotel is great for a budget traveler. Our 1 bedroom suite was a little over 25 US dollars. The staff is friendly and the service is great compared to many 5 star hotels. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is thrifty and wants to stay close to Makati city.

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