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By on September 26, 2013
Cooking Press

The cooking press recipe and food theme for WordPress is initially impressive and robust. It is developed by Purethemes. My initial impression of the theme’s functionality was good. Upon further exploration, however, the theme revealed a couple of severe shortcomings.

The first of these was the recipe ingredients section. As with many recipe themes, if you write your ingredients in the spaces provided (usually with ingredients and amounts separated by tabs), it produces a rather impressive looking outcome when the page is published. The problem is that if you ever change the theme, the content disappears. With many recipe themes, the developer will provide shortcodes. This will allow you to write the content in the main body section at the beginning of the post. If, and when, you change the theme it can be done quickly and without any loss of content. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the cooking press theme. I could not find any shortcodes. This certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.

This leads me to the second problem with the theme. There is absolutely no customer service or support. I left the developer several questions over a three week period without a single acknowledgement or reply. In my opinion, this was absolutely unacceptable and terribly frustrating. I read posts in which other webmasters were claiming the same thing. In light of this, I was forced to purchase another theme after 4 weeks.

In conclusion, I would advise against buying this theme under any circumstances. In my opinion, support is paramount when buying anything online.


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