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By on August 23, 2013

Our website is looking for contributors and partners. The site is exactly what the name says: About Many Things. The categories are unlimited.

If you have a picture with a description, a story, essay, poem, research paper, a video with a short description, or just some thoughts you would like to share, we would love to publish it. It could be something you produced years ago. Think of as another place to store your thoughts, feeling, and memories. That’s what the site is intended for and has become for me. We will give you full credit, of course, and enter your name into a draw for $50.00.

As the site grows, we plan to implement many new and exciting things such as category buddies. This means you will have the option to link to, and become buddies with, people with similar interests who write and research the same things as you. This is just one of many things we will be undertaking. The most exciting thing is you will be part of a new and growing network.

Please submit you contributions to

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