Setting up and Buying a Website Domain

By on August 15, 2013


Setting up and buying a domain

Setting up and buying a domain is the first step in starting your website. A domain is simply the name of your website. For example, if you sign up with a website builder such as “Yola,” it will be www.mywebsite. This will be a free name with no registration charge. There won’t be any charge at all for that matter. If you don’t want the “yola” in your name, you will have to buy the name and sign up for a hosting package. This cost will range from $9.95 to $19.95 for the domain. Your website builder or host will give you basic steps for buying your domain and the cost of a hosting package to meet your needs.

Advantages of having your own domain

Buying your own domain makes your site look much more professional. It makes it much easier for people to find, as well. If your objective is making money on the web, then this is important. But we will talk about this aspect later.

When creating your domain, you are going to have to think about the following: Your domain name or URL should be relevant to your business or product. By using a dictionary or thesaurus, you can find synonyms of a word which describes what you are selling or promoting. For example, if “” is currently unavailable (or someone already has already purchased that domain) you can replace it with “”. You should think of words that best describe your site and products in it.

If you want to reach locals in your area, you should register your domain under your country. For example, if your shop is in Canada, then you might use, “ ” There are certain advantages to using a specific country. One advantage, is it is more likely to be available and easier to register. It will also give the impression that you are close, and that will create more trust to your site.


Using keywords in your domain name is an excellent idea, too. For example if your site is selling Digital Cameras, then you might use “”. This will make it more searchable and relevant on the internet. You can also use a specific brand name for your product. For example, “” could also be used. This will make it easier for people to find because they might key in the specific brand name.

Using .com for a domain name is extremely common. Historically, people assume that website names always end in .com. This is not true, however, and is becoming less common as the web grows. You can try something different like .net or .info. I have one site that does extremely well with .net. People might even find it easier to remember if you use another suffix for your domain name. You will also find that using .net or .info is easier to register rather than Many of the .com popular names have been used up and will continue to do so as the web grows.

Don’t use unusual characters for your domain name. Fox example “mywebsite!@. People do not commonly type these characters into search engines. They are not very search engine friendly, as well.

Make your site easy and readable. Avoid names that are too long. Limit your name to 6-8 letters if possible.

If the name you want is not available, sometimes your web host will suggest alternative names for you. This is not really a bad idea. Believe it or not, your web host will sometimes offer you ideas for keywords that will help you. In light of this, don’t hesitate to use their suggested available domains.

Buying Your Domain

After you have chosen the right domain, you need to register it. It’s like purchasing a product in a store and you need to pay online. For example if you have a Paypal Account, visa card, or debit card, that would be the fastest way of paying. An excellent site to purchase your domain from, in my opinion, is This site offers you both inexpensive domains and superb web building tools. There is a small monthly fee, but it is certainly well worth it. Most hosting companies allow you to buy domains.

The hosts that I have had experience with are Yola, Webstarts, inmotion hosting, and hostgator. These are arranged from the easiest to most complicated hosts to use. For beginners who have little or no knowledge of building a site, I would suggest Yola. For those with a lot of experience and have some knowledge of wordpress, I would suggest hostgator. I will discuss this in more detail in a blog to follow.

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