It Is What It Is

By on June 20, 2014

Most people accept everything at face value. The line is too long because the line is long. The internet is too slow because it’s slow. It’s that “It is what it is” mentality. We seldom stop to think that line is too long because the person in charge of it is incompetent. To take it one step further, this person has been allowed to be incompetent by his or her supervisor. As you can probably infer, we can continue this progression until we wind up in a spiraling loop of incompetence.

We, I mean the collectively, need to start taking action and making people aware of these shortcomings at whatever level. This is especially true if we are paying for  services. I’m going to scream if I hear “It is what it is” one more time. Although the phrase holds true some of the time, it is often a cop out. The weather is bad. Yes, it is what it is. I feel lazy, so I won’t cut the grass. The grass doesn’t get cut, so it is what it is. No! We can take action and alter that outcome.

Many things are what they are at this moment in time. More often that not, however, they don’t have to be that way tomorrow.

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