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By on January 21, 2014

Cook n’ share is an excellent food website. It provides a vast array of food which is presented beautifully. The methods provided in each recipe are simple and straight forward. Each recipe is cooked before it is published. The authors are meticulous and professional.

Not only is the cook n’ share website great, the Youtube channel is fantastic, as well. The methodology presented in each video is impressive. Dave, the chef,  is thorough and professional. Even the most complicated dish becomes as simple as one, two, three.

I would highly recommend both the Cook n’ Share Youtube channel and website to anyone who wishes to explore the art of cooking. They also do requests. Drop them a line and they will more than likely cook your dish and do a shout out.

Running neck and neck to Cook n’ Share is Food Wishes. Chef John has loads of experience and is regarded highly in the food community. Foodwishes Youtube channel is very well laid out, and he does a remarkable presentation.  His style is superb as he is methodical and uses a great deal of humor. He also gives a myriad of excellent tips

The contend of the Food Wishes web site is well presented. There are literally hundreds of recipes to choose from. Each recipe is easy to follow.  As with cook n’ share, Food wishes entertains requests, and Chef John does a super job of cooking them.

I strongly recommend this site and channel, as well. Personally, I have made many successful dishes following Chef John’s instructions.

Another great site and and Youtube channel  is Titi’s Busy Kitchen. Titli, the author of the blog and host of the channel, is incredibly humorous, witty, and spontaneous. Her presentation is practical and well sequenced. She, too, has a vast variety of recipes. She is also very prompt to reply to any questions or general channel comments.

Her website is very well laid out and easy to navigate through. As well as containing a number of recipes and tips, Titli provides a great deal of personal information regarding herself and her life’s transitions.

If you want some great food ideas and laughs, head on over to Titli’s blog and channel.



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